Epic release night, take four: the code that almost wasn’t!

Epic release night, take four: the code that almost wasn’t!

Another rather uneventful release night down and another epic video made to document it. The night, it’s about releasing software. Seriously. It is. Ok, it’s more about waiting for SOLR to sync and waiting to see if things go horribly wrong (and of course being ready to fix these things…) than anything else.

The whole operation almost turned into an epic fail but some quick thinking by one @semaj_nil and an hour’s colouring saved it! Sort of. As it turns out, the contrast of green on yellow doesn’t exactly lend it’s self to be scanned well on a phone. We attempted to fix the contrast issue by colouring in the post-it’s with permanent marker… hacking the fail; agile to the max. That’s how we roll.

It still doesn’t scan on my phone at all but it seems to work just fine on some people’s old iPhones, so I guess that covers most people.

So the lesson for this evening? QR codes need to be in high contrast colours… and must remain so after they are converted to black and white.

And now, for your enjoyment, The Video Of The Construction Of The QR Code:

Also, we have Some Stills… Of The Construction Of The QR Code:

A large green and black QR code.

Medhat, mid KILL.

Robert and James doing things and stuff.

The video, getting Product Managed.

The things that are the QR code.

To see some of the new Finda listing page widgets that we released, go here:


and here:


Always be awesome. That is all.

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  1. Danielle

    Thee most epic development team EVAAAAAR!

  2. Love the sound effects. And the motorway/red bull/entrance intro.
    Nice work Finda Dev Team!

  3. Hennie Hamman

    Once again, what can one say,AWESOME!!! Well done to the epic development team!!

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