Coding by Teh (awesome) Spec.

Coding by Teh (awesome) Spec.

Here at Finda we have the awesome mantra: “Agile to teh MAX!!!!1!”. It’s hard to be this agile and also be this awesome at the same time. I can see you wondering “what is their super sekrit awesome sauce” and “how do they do these awesome feats of technology”. You are right to wonder. It is not immediately obvious how it is possible to be this awesome. Let me explain: it takes hard work, dedication and awesome technical specifications like these from our product managers:

Teh Awesome Spec

Teh Awesome Spec of Greatness and Wonder

Actually, (awesome) jokes aside, a quick brainstorm with awesome developers and awesome product managers to rationalise a problem and collaboratively come up with a solution is what it takes. This is something you can never have if you outsource your software development. That isn’t to say you should never outsource, just don’t outsource those projects you actually want to make money from or be competitive with. The technology market moves too quickly to have 6 week turnaround times and still be a player.

Nothing beats a quick awesome brainstorm and an agile implementation of the result.

Finda FTW!

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  1. Danielle

    Too true, too true. Finda’s very lucky with a team like this! (and seemingly rare?)

  2. Funny I couldn’t recognize my own spec.

    • Obviously because it was so… er… well written and stuff that you managed to memorise the contents… or something. :)

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