The most EPIC release night, take three!

The most EPIC release night, take three!

So, after the last two awesome release nights we were hard pressed to come up with something even more awesome to keep the escalating awesome race going. We spent some time considering many options and finally decided on some UV insanity.

We’ve started a tradition with Finda releases to decorate the big Yellow wall that looms over the developers. To make it more friendly, to make it more Finda. As you will see in the video and pictures below, last night, we made it a LOT Finda. Awesome Finda.

The tools of the evening are two 42″ UV black lights (from Surplustronics who have an awesome collection of lights and electronic goodies) and three colours of invisible UV ink. Thanks to True Colours who sponsored us a vinyl Finda logo stencil we were able to… dab… small amounts of UV ink onto the big ‘ol Yellow wall making a nice, mostly invisible, Finda logo right there to look out over the awesome Yellow Coding Ninjas. Then things got… out of hand… you’ll see what I mean.

And now, for your enjoyment, the Epic Release Night Video V3:

A couple of stills to illustrate what’s up:

Now you don't see it...

Now you don't see it...

And now you do!

And now you do!

One of them 'out of hand' things...

One of them 'out of hand' things...

This, is, Finddaaaaaaaa

This, is, Finddaaaaaaaa

This, is, Finddaaaaaaaa

This, is, Finddaaaaaaaa

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  1. I was there!

  2. Shireen

    That is freaking awesome guys! You totally rock!

  3. Awesomeness!

  4. Hennie Hamman

    This is tooo AWESOME. Well done to the FINDA team!!!!!

  5. Jenny Hamman

    I gotta ‘hand’ it to you guys! You are amazing.

  6. Well played fella’s, that’s very cool :)

    Where to from here? The mind boggles.

  7. Stew ... older version of Token Kiwi

    So when do you brilliant minds take over the running of Yellow!

  8. Fun times at Finda! Now I want to come in on release nights ;) Great work guys.

  9. Danielle B

    Your level of epic is undisputed, and hard to put into words. I, too, place all the weight of the English language on that one word…you guys are without a doubt the most AWESOME.

  10. THAT IS COOL !!!!!111111oneoneone

  11. woo hooo we did that!! Oh yeah, oh yeah

  12. The leading edge of the wedge !! way to go

  13. Sick!!

  14. freaking awesome!!! well done guys!!! :)

  15. Carol H

    Awesome effort fellas! The wall looks really good!
    What’s the music on the video? It’s great!

  16. Blanche

    Wow….We certainly do have some talent in the building!..I’m really impressed!!!….(and I’ve worked with lots of production houses in the past)…YOU GUYS ROCK!!


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