How not to start your Friday

$ sudo vim /etc/hosts

Enter some lovely vimlicious commands on the file, and then proceed with the accidental “:w ~”. That erroneous command, will unfortunately write the file as “~” to your current working directory.

So we obviously don’t want that silly “~” file in our lovely clean directory so we’ll go ahead and remove it.

Now watch this:

$ rm ~
rm: cannot remove `~': Is a directory

That doesn’t make sense, it should be a file. Oh well. “I don’t have to stuff around.” so I’ll just:

$ rm -rf ~

And then it slowly dawns….NOO!


And there you have it. A recursive delete on ALL my files in my home directory. Nice. I’ll spend the morning rebuilding my Dev environment.

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  1. LOL, that’s awesome bro!

    For this one, you don’t earn The Trophy… since you only screwed yourself!

    Happy Friday!

  2. kevins

    You mean the trophy that already in my possession? Holy-moley. What a week.

  3. James

    Too bad that we cannot simulate recursive trophy awards.

  4. This was a pretty good recursive Trophy Acquisition Exercise…

  5. So – there I was…running out of memory…..a quick look while everyone is shouting for support showed an empty 10gig partition on my drive….handy I thought…

    Let’s make 10gig of swap and ride it out

    mkswap /dev/sda

    cd /home
    No such file or directory…….SAY WHAT ?!?

    mount reveals what happened…..

    /dev/sda *was* /


  6. LMAO, nice one Pieter. I’d laugh harder if you weren’t our lead sysadmin.


  7. Show me an admin without a story like this and I will show you an admin that hasn’t worked in the real world :D

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