The opposite of the #1 Coding Ninja trophy…

The opposite of the #1 Coding Ninja trophy…

So… even awesome Ninja Coders sometimes slip up and allow things that are… less than awesome. For example, completely hypothetically of course, a developer might insist that the release site is down and/or unavailable. One might, then, at closer inspection find that the developer managed to misspell the word ‘release’.

Mistakes like these are not acceptable from Awesome Coding Ninja’s.

To remind our resident Coding Ninja’s that only the most awesome things are acceptable we have two trophies. For outstanding performance and achievement in the Art of Software Engineering we have the #1 Coding Ninja Trophy. This trophy shows a developer’s peers that his skills are currently highly regarded and has recently accomplished an awesome feat of technical supremacy. Since the trophy is an empty Red Bull can (empty since people love to drink awesome and only 1 since it’s the recommended daily allowance… says so on the can…) other ‘normal’ people can also admire the technical genius of the developer in possession of this sought after symbol of Awesome.

The second trophy, cleverly designed to remind a developer that only the most awesome things are acceptable, is the “Luser of the week” trophy. As you can see from the image below, a sad face is displayed right underneath a word that may be read as “Luser” which is very similar to “User”, to remind the developer that “if it’s not awesome it makes you sad”. One might also notice that the trophy is constructed from… “green tins of liquid that shall not be named”. This indicates to everybody around what a sad situation was created by the holder of the trophy. Nobody likes sad and thus the “green tins of liquid that shall not be named” are full, since no awesome person would lower themselves to drink such awesomeless drinks.

The Luser of the Week trophy.

Always make it awesome. Don’t be a luser.

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