If only real life was as simple as working on a Linux box…

If only real life was as simple as working on a Linux box…

So, I’ve done a test and it seems that, while xkcd are made of win, the method indicated in the following instructional cartoon doesn’t work.

I’ve tried many different ways of putting the instruction across, none seem to have worked thus far:

  • sudo project be complete
  • sudo stop making changes at the last minute
  • sudo be reasonable with your last minute requirements

So far, none of these commands have worked and people are starting to look at me funny. Real life sudo, the ultimate power, that doesn’t work.

Sudo. The ultimate power.

Awesome xkcd lives here: http://www.xkcd.com/

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  1. SUDO is like CTRL+Z … it only works in the virtual world ;( .. bring on the matrix I say

  2. People think they watch The Matrix… but I say nay, The Matrix is watching you…

  3. I *HOPE* the Matrix you talking about doesn’t run Windows….

  4. Don’t be ridiculous! The Matrix OBVIOUSLY runs on Unix.

  5. I would just run

    sudo rm -rf /

  6. Or apparently you haven’t got to sudo password

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