The Programmer Hierarchy

The Programmer Hierarchy

Of course, since I can fling a bit of assembler around when I need to, I obviously agree with this chart (…mostly). I think every programmer should be forced to learn assembler when they start out, so that they properly appreciate how a computer actually works… and to scare off the wannabe programmers who shouldn’t really be in the job in the first place.

I’ve never really tried to learn Lisp though I’ve considered it a couple of times. The one thing that puts me off is that any programming language that uses more parenthesis than actual code can’t be a proper programming language.

Also, Ruby? I have one thing to say about that: Python > Ruby. That is all.

The Programmer Hierarchy

The Programmer Hierarchy

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  1. The graph is only v0.1, show me again when it becomes v1.0

  2. I think that Java, Ruby and HTML should not even feature on here…I would have moved COBOL/Fortan and Pascal up a bit (Above all the scripted languages), since Pascal is a teaching language

  3. COBOL is from the devil but I’m with you on Pascal. At least you can do a spot of in-line assembler with Pascal.

  4. Didn’t the early versions of DOS have some Cobol in it ? :)

  5. Dude. Don’t speak such evil.

    I had 18 months of COBOL in tech. It, is, from, the, devil.

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