Somebody send us some bubblegum!

Somebody send us some bubblegum!

It’s for your own good really!

We need some bubblegum to take our minds off of all this ass-kicking.

Below is the latest in our early morning awesome guerilla games. I think perhaps the moderator doesn’t have a QR code reader since that one has been up for much longer than we though… 10 minutes at the time of posting. Also, they seem to have missed the nice little picture of Yellow HQ… heh.

Kicking ass since '10.

Right, I guess we should get on with the rest of this day now.

Edit: Half an hour and counting, both pictures are still up. I think we’ve found us a moderator that doesn’t know what a QR code is… and may be a little tired because he’s also missed the Yellow HQ picture. Heh.

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  1. This is Finda! Kicking ass and chewing bubblegum on the net since ’10

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