Some Monday awesome to get the week going!

Some Monday awesome to get the week going!

It’s Monday. Mondays always lack awesome so we took it upon ourselves to inject some Finda Awesome into it.

James is off today (it’s his birthday vacation day) so we left him a little present on his desk. All over his desk actually. And then there’s the other picture of guerilla awesome. They’re getting good, I have to admit, our pictures were only up there from 8:21am to 8:23am. They’re quick so we’ll have to be quicker… but more on that later.

Present for James

And some guerilla Finda awesome:

Monday morning Finda awesome.

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  1. Awesome – You guys rock. I wish I worked with you all

    • Right right, of course. Since you don’t work with us, I guess, is why you’re saying that…

      • Exactly … I’m innocent in all these shenanigans ;)

        • @keranm, by the power invested in me by The Big Yellow (wall), I hereby grant you honorary developer and co-awesome-creator status within the Awesome Finda Software Engineering Team. Hence forth, you shall be illegible (because elliptical isn’t correct and eligible isn’t as awesome) for any and all Finda Software Engineer privileges.

          And so say we all.

          Rise Honorary Developer @keranm.

          • Wow, I’d like to take this moment to thank a few people. Hi Mom, Dad … This is an amazing honour and it’s taken me quite by surprised. I don’t have a speech ready, but, well. Many years ago I was tasked with building a complex rich media mailing system in PHP. I’d never touched PHP before but the boss gave me two weeks or the company would be dead. Needless to say, well actually it would be needless to say given I’m at this point simply typing random things into the computer. No one reads these comments right?

            oh and there’s a flaw in this awesome theme

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