Some hump day awesome from the movies

Some hump day awesome from the movies

I have an awesome (ok, I think it’s awesome) story of movies and system building to tell on hump day. And I just thought of it.

Watch the film Inception? It doesn’t matter if you enjoyed it or not, everybody appreciated the special effects. They were terribly awesome. Check out this YouTube video on how they actually made the zero G effects happen:

Developing a system is a bit like making a movie. There’s a bunch of technical construction and bunch of creative pretty and there is putting it all together. When you make a movie, you start by building the set. In the case of Inception, it’s a freaking complicated set that took months to construct and it was awesome. The people making the set probably loved making it but it cost a bloody fortune.

Developing a system is similar in several ways. Using plain old PHP to develop a system is like having to build the set from the ground up. You weld thousands of bits together, paint a couple of walls, throw some furniture around; you spend months making the set awesome and sexy and then you start making the movie. Developers generally love the set building part because we love building awesome things; system owners hate paying for building the set because after it’s built, they still can’t see anything and the actual system building hasn’t even started.

Using a good framework like Django is like making a movie where most of the pieces of the awesomely complicated set is pre-built and the set builders just need to move a couple of pieces together and paint them. The hard labour of welding, grinding and measuring is already done.

This is a very good thing because the developers still feel like they’re building the set (which they enjoy doing immensely), so they’re happy and because it takes virtually no time, the system owners are happy because it’s cheap (as). Generally, the only people who aren’t happy are the development team managers since they can’t bill for months worth of set building work.

Use Python and Django. It is the most awesome.

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