Epic release night time lapse(s), take two!

And now, for your enjoyment, the Finda development team presents the most epic of awesome (release night) time-lapse video’s! Since release night is made up of a vast majority of ‘hurry up and wait’ we’ve taken it upon ourselves to entertain… er… ourselves and yourselves, obviously (look, it’s been a long night). I hope you’re ready for some serious awesome…

Here’s the main video, ‘The Changing Of The Logo’ (I literally just made that up, seriously):

This is ‘The Making Of The Changing Of The Logo’:

And that is how you release software properly.

Edit: Just re-uploaded the video’s to YouTube (good old YouTube), hopefully they’re all there this time…

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  1. Brilliant work flaggers!

  2. Chur bro! (How freaking Kiwi is THAT hey)

  3. man, I just love working here!

  4. Hennie father of THE BOSS

    To you and your team: you guys rock!!!!!

  5. Stew ... older version of Token Kiwi

    Man you guys are nuts … I can think of better things to do in the wee small hours… But i guess you might as well have fun if you have to be at work then! Well done with the creative minds. You guys and Girl sure do rock!!

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