Camera geeks are us!

Camera geeks are us!

All the developers are at the office furiously watching @medhatgayed complete the release process. Things are going swimmingly at this point, looks like it’s going to be a great night.

So, we’re busy with our little ‘something something’ project, making the awesome flow at the office in the middle of the night.

Looking around, it’s completely clear that not only are we a bunch of computer geeks, we’re an insane bunch of camera geeks too. The camera equipment manifest for release evening:

  • Sony A55 (moved to the top at the request of one @keranm)
  • Canon 550D
  • Canon 550D
  • Canon 40D
  • Canon 450D
  • Canon 7D

We’ve got the 7D capturing a time-lapse of the developers area for now (changed at the request of one @keranm) and we’ll be putting the others to use for project ‘something something’.

Check back later, hopefully we’ll have some epic release footage up!

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  1. Damn straight the Sony should lead the pack – it is the epic of awesomeness, is the awesome of epicness …

  2. I know several developers who would beg to differ…

  3. you forget my friend, I can make your developers lives GREAT, or a misery – I am the BUG master :)

  4. ORLY! That sounds like a challenge! I believe there are two developers in particular who just might this very moment get re-assigned to another project… Just saying.

    • Hmm on second thoughts, no, I’m good. Canon’s are teh bees knees I’d trade my Sony a55 for a .. umm .. a … well maybe a 1D MII .. or maybe a 5D at a push – but you gotta admit the a55 is a stonking good camera for it’s price ;)

  5. Hennie father of THE BOSS

    Canon is the best, second is …..Canon and third is …. Canon!!!

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