Where oh where can my mobile site be…

Where oh where can my mobile site be…

Yes, we know, the Finda mobile site is missing and there’s a bunch of people who think we should have it. So do we as it happens which is why we are busy coding it… furiously. @medhatgayed is the lead developer on the project and is making awesome Python and Django magic happen.

Things are looking good for the mobile site: the URL structure will be the same for the mobi and live sites, the graphics have been done, we’ve integrated the Finda API (the awesome Finda API as it were) and we’re now busy making the HTML work.

Speaking of mobile HTML, @keranm (the Finda product manager) found this suitably awesome mobile template this morning: Mobile Boilerplate (check it out!) and we’re looking at using that as a base for the mobi site. We had a look and we concur with the good people who made Mobile Boilerplate, it IS awesome.

Also, the site says so, right here:

Why mobile boilerplate is awesome.

Why mobile boilerplate is awesome.

Can’t argue with that, the page says it right there in dark grey and off white.

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  1. Yes I want the “Awesome-er” to be powering our mobile solutions, must have :)

  2. And you will! @medhatgayed is working furiously on getting that site done.

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